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We are a dynamic and rapidly growing nail spa chain in Kolkata, making huge waves in this niche & emerging fashion domain. Beyondserv Nails was created to fill the gaping void between discount nail outlets on one hand that often compromise on quality, designs, safety & hygiene and on the other, the pretentious luxury spas who apparently pamper you but seldom provide the value to justify the large hole they create on your pocket.

Beyondserv Nails is all about providing services beyond your price.

It has been a very exciting 2 years, setting new benchmark among nail bars in Kolkata. We are delighted to exceed our clients’ expectations in their every visit. It is, therefore, not a coincidence that 70-80% of our client visits are from our existing & repeat visitors and another 10-15% from clients referred by them.

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Nail extension and nail art

Nail Extension

The most popular type of nail enhancement. Your nails are customized to your desired length, shape and curvature. Further, it adds strength and durability to your nails and prevents...

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Nail overlay

Nail Overlay

Overlay is a very popular form of nail enhancement. It is done on your natural nails. Except adding length to your nails it achieves all other desired enhancements like...

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shellac manicure_gel polish manicure

Gel Polish/Shellac

Gel Polish or gel polish manicure (also called shellac manicure) is done on your natural nails. It is gentle to the natural nails and the polish stays intact on...

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Refilling (also called Infill)

Refill (or Infill) is the process of rebalancing your nail enhancement to bring it back to new-like condition. This is required due to your nail growing out and also...

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Toe nail enhancements

All the nail enhancement services for hand nails are also available for toe nails. You can therefore do nail extension or nail overlay or a simple gel polish/shellac manicure...

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Nail art

We create a wide array of nail art. There is one to suit your every mood and occasion. You can bring your chosen design and our creative nail artists...

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