Refilling (also called Infill)


Refill (or Infill) is the process of rebalancing your nail enhancement to bring it back to new-like condition. This is required due to your nail growing out and also general wear and tear of the enhancement over a period of time.

As the nail grows (fresh nail appears at the back), the enhancement moves ahead causing it to become weak and unbalanced. Also general wear & tear over time leads to weakening of the enhancement leading to lifting and/or small cracks beginning to appear. Nails start to feel unpleasant and can even hurt. One may also be tired of the same design and want a new one. That’s the time to go in for a refill.

While there is no fixed time for refill – as nail growth varies from person to person, however, for most, a refill is needed sometime between 2-4 weeks (for hand nails). A refill brings the enhancement back to a new-like condition.

For toe nails, a good time for refill is 5-7 weeks.

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